Tourism Regions Bukit Bengkirai

Tourism Regions Bengkirai Hill is located at Km 38 highway Soekarno Hatta Samarinda Balikpapan, a nature area in the form of pristine natural forests. Nature of this region is in the area of ??PT. I INHUTANI Industrial Plantation Forest Management Unit (UMHTI) and inaugurated on March 14, 1998 by the former Minister of Forestry Ir. Djamalluddin Suryohadikusumo. An area that is important to develop a natural monument wet tropical forests.

  • Canopy Bridge (Bridge Editorial), is the bridge that connects the tree canopy of the tree canopy others as high as 25-30 meters from the ground with an overall length of 64 meters and menguhubungkan 5 Bangkiray tree. From the top of the bridge can be seen in the formation of stands Heading Dipterocarpaceae as a hallmark of the Tropical Rain Forest are quite beautiful and forming upper stratum continued to connect with each other.
  • On Bukit Bangkiray longhouse there can be in use for gatherings room or multipurpose room Dayak-shaped house with a capacity of 50-70 people.
  • Cottages and Restaurant there are 5 cottages stage style custom home with full amenities.
  • Paths (Trek), is a means to explore the Jungle Adventure Forest Bangkiray, equipped with facilities for observing the flora / fauna are unique and rare as sun bears, the kinds of birds, wild pigs, monkeys and others. As well as a variety of flora such as the types of orchids and other rare plants.
  • Jungle Tracking, with 7 tracks whose length is 150 meters s / d 6 Kilometers.
  • Cabin (Shelter), as a place to rest and eat together, as well as a place to observe wild animals.
  • Jungle Cabin and Mini Canopy Bridge, is a nuanced nature of the building and were in the woods
  • Sports Facilities and Campgrounds (Camping Ground), among others, Tennis Court, Volley Ball, pools, bicycles and others
  • Outbound Activities (Team Building)
  • Tree Adoption Program, & nbsp; is a program that invites outsiders to participate become a foster parent body against a tree and was in Bukit Bangkiray by paying dues for maintenance of the tree.

    Flora Diversity:

    • Trees Bangkiray, the main mascot of the Mount Bangkiray.
    • Orchid Collection, the Black Orchid, Orchid Sugar, Orchid Eyes, Orchid Star, Incandescent and others.
    • orchard Forest, the Mangosteen Fruit, Fruit Butter, Lai Fruit, Fruit Rambai Palembang, Ramania and Fruit Kalangkala.

      Fauna Diversity:

      • Birds - birds, there are 113 kinds of birds, among others, pigeon, Kirik Kirik-Blue, Kacep, Murai Batu, Sepah and others .
      • Type fauna such as Owa-gibbons, monkey, monkey Red, Long Tailed Monkey, Warthog and Flying Squirrel.
      • Rooting deer, species that are bred Sambar.

        Also there Crops Program Memorial which is a response form for visitors who want to have memories after visiting Bukit Bangkiray travel by planting in areas that have been supplied by the business Bangkiray Bukit.